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BBQ Food Truck


American style smoked BBQ meats, burgers, sliders, Mac ‘N’ Cheese, salads, brownies, ice cream & more!

Our Menu Options


  • Grilled chops, lamb, beef or chicken.
  • Skewers, lamb, chicken or beef.
  • Southern fried chicken or Korean style deep fried chicken.
  • Thai food, satay chicken skewers or any other meat.
  • Thai fried rice or Thai curry etc.



1.Ribs – Pulled Pork and Chilli Fries via custom built charcoal grill in our truck, which adds an incomparable taste,

Chicken wings to Lamb Ribs and Burgers – die-hard barbecue lovers can’t get enough of brisket, lamb ribs

2.Juicy Kransky or Bratwurst – then you’re sure to love a barbecued South African sausage traditionally coiled and cooked over hot coals or on a braai (barbecue).

3.Sizzling coal-cooked Skewers, fried Cheese Balls and Buttery Corn – recipes that took a lot of taste-tests

4.Locally sourced meats using ‘all smoke, and no mirrors’ in custom-built smokers – using only salvaged native timbers and chestnut, sometimes over an entire day.

5.Sandwich – a chopped pork, pulled beef, slaw sandwich with the lot and garnished with a hot wing. Cooked and powered by lump charcoal and smoking woods (iron bark and various fruit woods, from mandarin and cherry trees to chestnut wood) with brisket

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